Frequently asked questions

Where am i located?

I am from Stockholm but I am more than happy to travel to photograph you. Travel expenses are included in my prices for all packages.


delivery of photos

For weddings, the photos are delivered approximately 6-8 weeks after the wedding. In high season it may vary. 

The images are delivered on a luxury USB memory directly to your home. You also get a gorgeous online album that is active for 6 months where you can view and share all the photos with your family and friends.

For portrait sessions, the photos will be delivered within approximately 1-2 weeks and will be delivered to you for digital download via online album. 

will i have back up of your photos?

Yes I will but not forever :), make sure to save your photos on more than one location to avoid loosing your images if a computer or USB/external hard drive will break. Cloud-based solutions are the best in my opinion.

editing, is that the same as retouching?

Nope, editing is when a photographer adds his/hers artistic touch to the photos, such as color and lighting enhancement in the digital darkroom and retouching is changing/manipulating something in the image or in the portrait that wasn´t there when the picture was taken. I only edit my photos and will only manipulate the photos if ordered from my customers.

will i give you the raw files?

I never deliver raw files to my customers. and here´s why;

A raw file is like a digital film that has not been developed in the digital darkroom yet. 

When I photograph you, the pictures are in a format called RAW(sort of like a negative). A raw file is not compressed and contains all the image information that hit the sensor when I pressed the shutter button and no information is removed from the file. 

A raw file always requires finishing (in Photoshop or other editing program) and can handle more processing than a jpeg file as it contains more image data.

What you buy from me is also my editing style and you'll lose that if you would get the raw files.

photography location?

For all photography sessions I have carefully selected the location that is best for our shoot.

For weddings I have to adjust to the location that is already selected and I always go to that place before hand(if possible) to make sure we have the best conditions.