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recommended vendors

I have during the years connected with some very talented vendors and I am gladly recommending their services to you in your process of planning your wedding.

Wedding dress


Sustainability and quality is joining hands in this family company of three sisters, Anneli, Viktoria & Anna-Maria. 

Every dress is unique and all material is renewed and carefully componed into the highest quality result.


Melody flowers 

A popular vendor to hire for your flower arrangements to your wedding. Located in the part of Stockholm called "Sibiria" they warm up the neighbourhood with ther wonderful creations. Victoria & Anine are the two floral artists running this company.

Bow Ties


Zanna Metzer, the founder and a driven soul who created the company to invite to more playful and personal accesories for men. There are now also bow ties available for women.

Table settings

unika bord

A family company renting the most amazing table setting pieces, everything from gorgeous porcelain plates to candelabrums and crystal wine glass, all with a vintage touch!