About Me

Born in Stockholm in the best of decades (80's off course) and today I still live only a few kilometers from where I grew up and love this city and all parts of it. The winters could be a bit shorter though but all in all I love it ♥.

The story of me, Christell

My passion for photography has been with me for most of my life but it wasn't until 2013 that I discovered that there is also magic in being able to give people the story of THEM to remember forever. So I´ve tried the full spectrum in the art of photography, even bought my own home studio and thought that I would be an excellent studio newborn photographer.. Turned out, I´m not ;). I found, after A LOT of trial and error and soul searching that moments of natural and candid emotions is my strength to capture. They often show themselves many many times in weddings and that has now become my main area of photography.

I am as they say here in Sweden "five apples tall" - which is so frikkin short ha ha, a full 1 meter and 55cm above ground. If you are my tall customers, I am going to need a ladder, or high heels when shooting you(shooting with camera, not gun), preferable a latter, heels are hard to climb and run around in :). Yes, and as you can read, I have humor as well ;).

Fun fact about me is that I have watched F.R.I.E.N.D.S all seasons probably 50 times or more. Ask me whatever and I guarantee I know the answer :). So if you have nerdy trivia about F.R.I.E.N.D.S and share that with me in our first meeting - we will be friends forever ♥ (yes it is possible to watch season by season, over and over again, it never gets old :)).

Oh and also as last words but probably the most important ones; I am in love with LOVE. All kinds of beautiful love and one of my core value in life is that ALL people deserves to be loved and to be able to love who ever they want. So, all kinds of love is welcome here. Hate is not.