Madja & Aswad,

My first connection with Madja was via email and her complimenting words of my photography made me all filled with love inside ♥. After emailing a bit we had a phone meeting to talk more about their wedding day, their expectations on their photographer and also just to get to know each other a bit better.

We clicked instantly during the phone call and Madja said she wanted to book me! She off course had to discuss this with her soon to be husband, Aswad first ;).

Something I do with all my couples who book me, is have a pre-shoot. This is super valuable, both for me but mostly for the couples. ALL couples I have had pre-shoot with says that it had helped them relax more during the actual wedding day because they knew what to expect. So, if I can help to reduce a bit of stress on the wedding day for my couples - I sure will do it :).

Images below from their pre-shoot.

The place, Hasselbacken terass

Madja and Aswad loves a nice view and they are in love with our capital Stockholm, so they wanted to find a place with a gorgeous view of Stockholm and when they find Hasselbackens rooftop terass they quickly decided that THIS was their place.

Decoration and flowers

Color coordinating with warm summer tones such as peach, pink, grren and white and Madja and Aswad did not want the decor to look the same and alike, so all the bouquets (13pcs) are all completely different. Created by the very talented florist Nika from Skillad Florals. The stationary settings are also different and not all the same, created with the same idea to have everything unique but still matching.

The Clothes

Madja had an idea in her head for how the dress should look, she wanted something with tulle, a train and pretty lace. She found her dream dress fairly quick at Milagro. As for the groom, he already had his tuxedo picked out as he wore it on his brother´ s wedding last year and they where going to match this time as well :).

Brides maids

Uniqe was the code even here. The dresses should be elegant and sexy and also match the wedding dress and at the same time be unique and comfortable. Both from Bubbleroom.

The bride and groom´s mothers

The mother of the bride has a bohemic and youthful style so they wanted to find something that would be HER. The mother of the groom wore a beautiful saree from Bangladesh which represented her style.

The Wedding

Being a summer wedding in Sweden, outside, comes with high risks when it comes to the weather. One can never really be sure that the temperature will be warm OR that the sun will be shining. Luckily this day was filled with amazing sunshine and warm temperature. Madja & Aswad are not religious so they had a civil registrar to wed them. The couple are both creative souls and wanted to have elements of that in their ceremony. A ballet dancer kicked of the start for the ceremony and Esther Kirabo sang 2 songs chosen by the couple who love soul music.

The choice of a photographer

The bride´ s own words: "I have spent endless hours online and instagram to find the perfect photographer and we really did! For us, pictures were one of the most important moments of the wedding day because it is about capturing the most important day of our lives. We were looking for something unique! The worst thing that could happen would be to have wedding pictures similar to everyone else's, so boring .. We wanted pictures that really captured the emotions and the small moments of the day, not pictures where everyone stands on a row and smiles. We wanted to be able to relive all the moments during the day through the pictures. We also wanted pictures with a more artistic touch that you can have on the wall as paintings. Christell was exactly what we were looking for and her photos are exactly the way we wanted them, genuine, beautiful and vibrant! We love that the pictures are a little darker in tone, it is so much more beautiful that way! It is also a great bonus that she is so easy going as a person and super fun to hang out with, we felt so comfortable with Christell! Couldn't have been better! ♥"

The best memory from the day

The bride´ s own words: "The best memory is without a doubt First Look. We had been so stressed prior during all the preparations and were also behind in the schedule but when we saw each other for the first time in our wedding clothes it was like the puzzle pieces just fit together; today we are getting married and the stress disappeared! Such a magical and emotional moment when there were just two of us! Love that Christell captured it so well in the photos!

Advice from the couple to other pre weds :)

"Plan carefully and well in advance! There are always lots of things that you have to fix so if you are well-planned, it will not be as stressful. Get help from friends and family, it's always good to get input from others. But mostly plan your wedding just the way you want it, ignoring traditions. It is your day that you decide on and control it just the way you want it to be. Guests appreciate so much more to come to a unique and personalized wedding that reflects the bridal couple. Things will not go according to plan, but it´ s okay. Focus on everything wonderful instead and be in the moment!"


Cake - Ankans tårtverkstad

The bride´ s earrings - Caroline Svedbom

Wedding Shoes - Vagabond

Flowers - Skillad florals

Smoking - Sir of Sweden

Stationary - own design, printed on Tryckeriett

Food and drink - Hasselbacken

Wedding dress and veil - Bought at Milagro, the brand is Pronovias