Hi! Glad you found your way to me :). I´ve never been a good writer (nor speaker)so I fell very natural into the world of photography to let my photos speak my words for me. Photography is for me a way to tell your story from another perspective than your own, to capture moments you may not have seen or may not remember. I´d like to think that it is because of these photos captured, we actually DO remember the stories of our lives with full nuances.

I have asked people around me to describe me and my photography with three words and the most common ones are; easygoing, happy and soulful. I love that these are the most common words because that is exactly the impression I want people to have when meeting with me ♥.

So, you are probably here because you´re looking for a photographer - Happy news! I am one ;). Whether you are looking for your wedding, family portraits or a couple session, you can find it here. I have different packages available and also custom made if non of the packages suites you. Contact me here for inquiry.

“Photography takes an instant out of time, altering life by holding it still.”